Enrolment Form

Enrolment Package


There are two parts to the enrolment package:


Part A - Expression of Interest

This is the first paperwork to be completed and submitted to Hillcrest PS with:

- birth certificate

- immunisation records

- 2 forms of address identification (license, rates notice, utilities bill, rental agreement etc)

- copies of Visa, passport (if applicable)


We can take copies of your paperwork if you only have originals

Part B - Full Enrolment

This section is the full enrolment required in addition to Part A. It is to be completed once you have been advised you will be accepted in to Hillcrest PS. If you are in the local-intake area for Hillcrest PS, your child is guaranteed acceptance in our school.


International Students

If you are not an Australian citizen and depending on the visa you have, you may need to enrol through ETI (Education and Training International). If you think your child may qualify as an international student, please phone ETI 9218 2100.


Department of Education - Enrollment

Visit the Department of Education website for frequently asked questions about enrolment.


What are local schools?

Many schools have what is termed ‘a local-intake area’. This is a boundary set around a school that may have more applications for enrolment than it can accommodate.

If your school has a local-intake area and your usual place of residence is within that area, your children are automatically accepted into that school – this is your guaranteed place. You are encouraged to enrol as soon as you can so the school can plan for your child.

To find out if you live within the local-intake area of a particular school visit Schools Online, contact the school directly or contact your Education Regional Office.


If you have queries regarding enrollment, please contact Hillcrest PS 9370 2330.