School Programs Hillcrest Primary School

School Programs

Hillcrest Primary School

Our school programs are unique to Hillcrest. The programs we use have been designed to support the individual needs of each child, celebrate their strengths and assist them to be the best version of themselves they can be.

Positive Behaviour in Schools Project
(Hillcrest STARR)

Hillcrest Primary School promotes an environment where all students strive to achieve their full educational, social, physical and creative potential.  The Hillcrest STARR program has been developed as a whole school approach to behaviour with consistent expectations throughout the school. It provides a platform to support student development and empowers them to take responsibility for their own behaviour and engagement.  The Hillcrest STARR behaviours fall under the five headings of Safety, Teamwork, Achievement, Respect and Responsibility.

At Hillcrest Primary School we teach each behaviour explicitly, focussing on a fortnightly expectation.  You may hear the students often refer to themselves as “Hillcrest STARR’s.”

Our whole school reward system reinforces appropriate behaviour using STARR cards. Students are recognised with an explanation of which behaviour they have demonstrated correctly and provided with a stamp on their STARR card.  Individual teachers negotiate rewards with students when they reach each “club” which occurs every twenty-five stamps.  Special celebrations occur for every child that achieves the 100 and 200 clubs.

Student Leaders

We have Year Six students in leadership roles, including school captains and faction captains. This student council meets fortnightly to offer ideas, thoughts and plan special activities. The recent Hillcrest radio has proven very popular! Leadership training is offered to these selected students, who hold the positions for 6 months, before a second yearly election occurs. All these students were voted by their peers to these positions and all display outstanding STARR qualities.

Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast club is run on a Tuesday and Thursday from 8am. Staff serve a delicious breakfast to interested students. It’s a great way to start the day. Breakfast is served in the canteen area.

Aboriginal Islander Education Officer

Our AIEO works with classes to offer support for learning opportunities and also to deliver a culturally appropriate HASS curriculum. She is a liaison between the school and Indigenous families, and also runs special celebrations throughout the year.


The school chaplain plays a key role in our pastoral care program. She is available to work with students who need support in social and emotional well-being. Programs are delivered to classes to develop resilience and social skills. The chaplain can also support families as needed.

Learning Intervention Focus Team (LIFT)

Our student services model provides a high level of pastoral care with the intention of supporting the educational, social and emotional wellbeing of students, providing a safe and supportive environment for all. This team is made up of the School Psychologist, Chaplain, AIEO, Principal and the Associate Principals. The team meets once a fortnight to discuss children who have been identified as being ‘at risk’, and review the strategies that are in place to support these students and their families. By working closely as a team, alongside teachers, families, and outside agencies, the team maintains open lines of communication and keeps up to date with dissemination of relevant information.

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