School Board Hillcrest Primary School

School Board

Hillcrest Primary School

The School Board is a collaborative team working for the benefit of the students, staff and school community. The Hillcrest Primary School Board’s main role is to be involved in the governance of the school, which means playing a role in shaping and monitoring the school’s objectives, priorities and general directions.

It is not the Board’s role to manage the school – that is the Principal’s responsibility.

The Board participates in:

  • formulating, endorsing and annually reviewing the school’s Business Plan;
  • processes to review school performance;
  • processes to determine satisfaction levels of parents, staff and students;
  • endorsing the school’s annual report.

Members are appointed for three years, and positions are advertised when available via school communication platforms.

The Hillcrest Board currently consists of these members:

Stephanie Applegate - School Board Chair

Scott Bainbridge - School Board Vice Chair

Liz Ford - Principal

Amanda Bolleter - Parent representative

Veronica Holyoak - Parent representative

Jacob Jayatilaka - Parent representative

Caris Potter - Parent representative

Claire Trolio - Parent representative

Joanne Anderson - Staff representative

Tania Hill - Staff representative

Sol Stern - Staff representative

Dan Bull, CoB Councillor - Community representative