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Media Arts

Hillcrest Primary School

Our Media Arts program promotes expression through storytelling and creativity that is engaging, collaborative and innovative. Using the latest digital technologies, students master the craft of filming and editing, allowing them to explore their own ideas through Media Arts.

Media Arts enables students to analyse past technologies, and use existing and emerging technologies as they explore imagery, text and sound to create meaning. Students participate in, experiment with, and interpret cultures, media genres and styles, and different communication practices.

Students learn to be critically aware of ways that media are culturally used and negotiated, and are dynamic and central to the way they make sense of the world and themselves. They learn to interpret, analyse and develop media practices through their experiences in making media arts. They are inspired to use their creativity to imagine, collaborate and take on responsibilities in planning, designing, and producing media artworks.

What is Media Arts?

In Media Arts, students both make and respond to media works.

“Making” media brings their creativity to life and involves students learning technical production skills such as how to frame and compose a shot, how to record sound, how to edit image and sound tracks, and how to add visual and sound effects.

Such skills are important for developing conceptual knowledge, for recognising how media works are constructed. They also enable students to use media to communicate and tell stories – and complete assignments, as many students increasingly use digital media to do.

“Responding” involves analysing media works with the goal of assisting students to become active and ethical media creators, users and consumers. Students learn about how media works - including, ideally, social media. They learn about key issues and practices such as copyright, the creative commons, and the ethics of sharing media works and personal information online.

Examples of Media Production

Hillcrest Primary School

Year 5 Stop Motion Movie

Media Arts Hillcrest Primary School

Year 4 Narrative

Media Arts Hillcrest Primary School

Year 6 Filters & Camera Angles

Year 4 Comic Book