Book Club




Dear Parents


Our school is looking for a new Scholastic Book Club Coordinator

Our current book club organiser will be leaving at the end of the year.  Book Club is a fun and rewarding part of our school.  The children look forward to receiving the books they order.  Book Club also boosts our home libraries, improves children’s reading skills and encourages at-home reading.   Every issue has a variety of $2 books.  Also, when you run Book Club, every order earns 20% in Scholastic Rewards to help purchase additional learning and literacy resources for our library.


What does it involve
There are two issues of book club per term.   When the catalogues arrive at school, the Book Club Coordinator distributes the brochures to the students and prepares a flyer with the return-by date. Then receipts the cash orders and inputs the cash orders online.  When the books arrive, the coordinator packages each order and delivers them to the classrooms.  It involves approximately 5 hours per issue or 10 hours per term.


If you are interested in becoming the next Book Club Coordinator, please contact  the school or Julia Delanty on 0412 642 909